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Dan Fessler’s HD Index Painting Technique let’s you paint pixel art in Photoshop in a non-destructive manner, and lets you use pretty much every tool in a perfectly pixel-gradient fashion!

The article gives you everything you need to try it out for yourself.It’s easy to set up and use, and the results are so fucking cool.

pixel artists everywhere dying just so they can roll in their graves



My comic Mephistos currently runs online at Inkblazers so you can have a check out of it online here: http://www.inkblazers.com/read-manga/Mephistos-Chapter-1-Belief-Zone-Blues/1585/0/0?lang=en

It’s currently going on hiatus for the year- but the newest chapters are out in book form in book 5 this year which you can buy direct from my etsy shop in a full set bundle with extra goodies. Now I know most of you don’t have the moolah to part for comics and whatnot but here’s the cool bit if you do- and I’m not saying it just for me- I’ve worked in publishing, I may still yet do so, but the amount an artist gets from working in publishing is a teeny tiny fraction of what they would get if you helped them by buying their own self published work- rather than 5 or 10% of the base fee of the book sold, we get back 80/90%. Bear this in mind next time you see your fave artist’s self published works! By buying their books you will be helping them a hella lot!

The other thing I love about self published work is that because I make my own books and have been part of that ole publishing machine too, I can appreciate that making your own books means you do ALL the work of the publisher other than the printy  bit sometimes, and I LOVE being involved in that whole process. So please read my comic! If it strikes a chord with you, please invest in the real soul of it all- as the books I make are part of the whole creation :)

You can also help me out without paying a dime too! Just share share share this post please!

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